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Turning Household Items into cash since 1997
Our Objecive
Movin' On Services
At  Movin On Estate Sales, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. Each of our sales is different depending on the needs and desires of our customers.  
First we survey the home with the owner and determine the client's needs and the likelihood of a successful sale at no charge.

The second step is to empty all closets, cabinets and drawers and begin organizing. We sort, clean, price, & display all sale items in a professional, logical and decorative manner.  We want our sales to look appealing to customers who drop in!  

We then price each item. This often requires research to determine what similar items sell for, and consulting with dealers or experts. We welcome owner’s input into pricing as information about origins or original purchase prices helps us determine an appropriate price. Owners may specify a minimum selling price for some items, but prices cannot be changed or removed without our knowledge.

Clients are asked to remove or pack away items not-for-sale in a room or closet. We will save personal items we find in this area. Once we begin organizing, the remaining items are considered to be part of the sale. Family and friends may preview the sale and buy items at the sale price. We will charge our commission on any items removed from the premisis or sold byowner after we begin organizing for the sale.  
We try to sell certain large, expensive, or specialty items via online advertising or to dealers before the sale begins..  

We advertise the sale in at least two newspapers and several online websites including Craig’s List, Estate, Estate, Greensheet online,  for at least a week prior to the sale. We also send more than 1600 emails to regular customers and followers of our sales.

The next step is the sale itself: usually 3 days, Thursday through Saturday. We provide all manpower for the sale and normally sell 70 to 90% of the items by the end of the sale. While clients are welcome to visit the sale we ask that they not work the sale because of their potential emotional attachment to some items.

If desired by the owner  we will dispose of leftover items through a charity. Often the home is to be placed on the market and we will make sure it is empty for the real estate folks to show. If substantial packing or cleaning is required we may charge a small fee for the service.

Within a week we provide a broad-category accounting of the sale and pay the owner his share. 
Preparation and Sale

Our goal is to help customers dispose of unwanted household items and turn them into cash. To do this we arrange estate sales and sell both to the general public and to certain dealers.We try to make it as simple as possible to help clients sell the contents of their home. Here’s how it works:
Disposal and Accounting